Try Drumming

Learn and grow yourself through the art of drumming.


Take your learning to the next level. Improve your quality of life and get some Vitamin-Drum! It is a well known fact that drummers have great problem solving and coordination skills. Those skills are transferable to almost any area of life. Educate and develop yourself! 

We have a range of options when deciding if drums are right for you! Come in for a NO OBLIGATION 30 minute trail. From there, begin with a 10 week course that will have you learn the essential skills needed to develop coordination.

You can advance through the ranks and become a master in any style... or even create your own style! There are no limits here! 

On-going lessons are tailored specifically to suit the students needs. For example: Catching up with requirements in school band. Preparing for an exam. Developing performance skills. Songwriting skills. Making a YouTube channel. 


What does it cost?


Per Month - $115

Equipment - Minimum requirement

Drum sticks $10-$20 // Practice Pad $25-$70

Lessons are charged per month. This is the cost to stay on the roll. Lessons run from 1st of February till 30th November with no time off during the mid term breaks. 


Where are the lessons?

Lessons are held in the practice room at Creative Sounds aka "The Stomach". 78 Lombard street, Palmerston North.






Any questions, please feel free to drop us a line.

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