Try Drumming

Learn and grow yourself through the art of drumming.


Who Is Try Drumming?

Hello there, I am Johnny, 28 years old, born and raised in Palmerston North. I am the owner and operator of Try Drumming. I have been playing in bands since I was 8 years old and professionally for 5 years. I began teaching in 2012 after a horrific work accident as a way to get back into the workforce and quickly discovered a passion for helping people achieve their goals. Teaching drums is one of many strings in my bow. I recently graduated from UCOL with a Bachelors degree in Photography. 2016 has been about developing my skills as an educator and drummer. I've spent countless hours rehearsing for shows, learning songs and researching. Not to mention the studio time. I am a volunteer at Creative Sounds which means an instant connection for all of my students to recording facilities and community projects/events. 

I enjoy motivating my students to achieve their goals. Most of them are interested in performing live and developing a wider understanding and skill-set of the drum kit in general. I believe that with over 15 years of performing and developing experience I am able to pass on the knowledge and skills that I've acquired through my journey.


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